e-commerce 101: how to sell online

E-commerce is business done on and through the Web. In simple terms, it means selling products online. Via your own website or an online marketplace, you can promote and sell products online, taking orders and accepting payment without necessarily having a brick-and-mortar store. Web sales totaled $304.91 billion and increased nearly 22% in 2014, and is expected to continue rising over the next few years. So, it is important for retailers to know how to excel in the e-commerce realm. Today, consumers enjoy the convenience and experience that online shopping offers. Make your e-commerce shop a destination your customers love to shop by reading these five articles.

Increase Your Online Sales: E-Commerce Tips for Retailers – How independent retail can own the next decade of e-commerce. Online sales tips and advice for your retail business.
Simple Tools to Launch Your Fashion Retail Website – Find out which tools you can use to get your fashion retail business online. Simple tools to use to launch your fashion e-commerce site.
SEO for Small Businesses – Learn about SEO and how it can help market your small business. Pick up the basics of search engine optimization for business.
Great Product Photography Can Grow Your E-Commerce Business – Find out about the importance of product photography for your e-commerce business. Experts advise that will help market your products effectively online.
How to Use an E-Commerce Template to Launch Your Fashion Accessories Site Quickly – Discover how e-commerce templates canhelp you get your fashion accessories business online quickly. Learn all you need to know about e-commerce templates.

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