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Make Your Retail Profits Soar in 2019

ASD LIVE host Nicole Leinbach Reyhle sat down with Cathy Wagner, founder of RetailMAVENS, at ASD Market Week this August 2018. Cathy Wagner is an expert in making money when running a retail store. Whether you’re a veteran or emerging retailer, or an online or offline seller, there’s a LOT to think about when it comes to retail. No matter who you are in the game, making money is the goal and profitability is a must.  

In this live interview, Cathy shares her expertise to help retailers manage sales, cover expenses, and – most importantly – pay themselves by making a profit. Nicole and Cathy also discuss how to turn inventory faster, how markdowns can work to retailer’s advantage, how to find high margins at ASD, and put cash back in the pockets of retailers. As Cathy herself puts it, “If you don’t come to ASD, you are literally leaving cash on the table.”

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