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Mastering Store Merchandising In 2019

In our latest video segment for #ASDLIVE, our retail host Nicole Leinbach Reyhle chatted with Rich Kizer and Georganne Bender, partners of Kizer and Bender, at ASD Market Week past summer. In this video, the team shares their expertise on retail and customer services to teach retailers, both big and small, how to create a customer experience that delights shoppers, ultimately leading to more sales. 

As a retailer, you must understand what a customer’s expectations are from the minute they walk into your store. The way your store flows and functions should help guide customers to where you want them go. It’s not a matter of where you put things as much as it is about appeal to the eye and the emotion created by great merchandising. 

Rich and Georganne also share how a store’s layout and merchandise displays can make or break a customer’s first impression. There are three key segments on the sales floor: the front of the store, the right side, and the left side.  Understanding how and why to set up these locations a certain way will bring in more sales. They give helpful tips and tricks on how to capture the customer with the power of merchandising. 

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