In our latest video segment for #ASDLIVE, our retail host Nicole Leinbach Reyhle sat down with Dennis O’Keefe of Workful, at ASD Market Week this August 2018. Workful offers powerful solutions to empower your employees. Dennis shares his expertise in empowering your employees to drive engagement and boost productivity in the workplace. Streamlining work processes can be overwhelming for small businesses, whether that be sales goals, creating a company culture, or even operational paperwork, that is where Workful comes in. 

In this live interview, Dennis discusses the importance of giving your staff a reason to come into work by creating a company culture that refines the company experience from the inside out. Building company culture can start by simply communicating to your team what your business’ mission statement is. When everyone on staff is on the same page and has a mission to work towards, more than just a sales goal, it creates more purpose. Engaging with your team by creating goals and giving ways to achieve those goals helps drive revenue and send productivity through the roof! 

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